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Making the world a safer place, together we can make a difference.

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What is allergyaunt?

We at allergyaunt are here to help!

Our belief is that anyone with a food condition or predisposition should have the freedom to enjoy their food with confidence and in complete safety. This is something that we want all food outlets to endorse.

How you ask? By creating a platform that empowers users to collectively share their experiences of food outlets with others – so we can all make informed decisions about where we choose to eat or source our food from.

Get involved and join the movement, so collectively we can make a difference in improving allergy awareness and safety standards across the food industry.

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We believe that sharing is caring, and by sharing your reviews of food outlets on their allergy standard – you can help others to eat safely whilst also providing more transparency on just how food friendly the places we eat at are.

It’s easy. Simply sign up, state your allergies to create your unique profile and then search for a food outlet or add a new one. Go ahead and leave your review using our own unique rating criteria. 

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Businesses – How we can help you

We want to help businesses by giving you a platform to promote your business and highlight all the great things you’re doing to accommodate those with food conditions or predispositions.

With one in four people in the UK impacted by an allergy at some point in their lives, and with this number on the increase each year (according to the NHS), can you really afford not to get involved?

For more information, please visit our business page.

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Number of patients admitted to UK hospitals with serious life threatening food allergies